Recently Completed Projects

Recently Completed Projects


St. Theodore ApartmeSt Theodorents – Seattle

In 2016, Steadfast worked with a building envelope consultant to address leaking windows on three sides of this 65’ building. A particular challenge was accessing the building’s upper stories; Steadfast used a swing stage scaffold and boom lift to install new window flashing, building paper, and siding. In addition, structural dry rot repairs and decks waterproofing was performed where water had been leaking into the building.




Carvel at Harbour Pointe Leasing Office Remodel – Mukilteo

Under a tight, end-of-year deadline, Steadfast successfully completed this high-end office and clubhouse remodel. As the general contractor, Steadfast hired local flooring and cabinet installers along with a custom woodworker to craft one-of-a-kind barn doors functioning as office doors. The end result was a modern space with carefully-crafted details throughout.




Sancerre Apartments

Sancerre Apartments – Kirkland

Steadfast completed repairing and re-painting 6 cedar-sided buildings in a multi-year exterior renovation project. Working with the owner on color scheme selection, Steadfast provided multiple choices to fit the wooded surroundings and to lighten dark corridors and stairwells. Deteriorated siding was replaced, and in instances of construction flaws, Steadfast worked with the owner to provide timely estimates and needed repairs. Building decks were replaced with new pre-stained decking boards, and where applicable, structural repairs were performed on deteriorated decks.



Barnes Lake Condominiums

Barnes Lake Condominiums – Lacey

As part of a water-intrusion repair team, Steadfast helped address construction design flaws at an older condominium complex. Steadfast completed dry rot repairs simultaneously with roofing contractors correcting insufficient roof slope. In cases of poorly-designed decks, Steadfast worked with a designer to install new custom metal railing systems. Additionally, Steadfast replaced concrete pathways and upgraded the ground drainage system causing water intrusion in nearby basements.



Harrington Square

Harrington Square – Renton

Steadfast repaired water-intrusion damages caused by roof drainage issues. Stemming from strong past performance, the property management team reached out to Steadfast to complete investigative work and building repairs in fourth- and fifth-floor units. After investigation and testing was complete, Steadfast partnered with a structural engineer to fix dry rot damage. With sensitivity to residents, Steadfast planned work ahead and quickly finished repairs to minimize inconvenience to the occupants.



Etruria Condominiums

Etruria Condominiums – Seattle

In 2016, Steadfast completed a full exterior repaint of this three-story, 18-unit condominium building. With a successful track record on past projects, Steadfast was the Board’s top choice. The tight work space and height of the building required Steadfast to erect pump jack scaffolding at two facades while maintaining safe access for the building occupants. With the tight work space, Steadfast took extra care to protect residents’ and neighbors’ property from paint overspray.